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Phase Inverter

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Information and resources for phase inverters and phase converters. See the different topics that will be discussed.

Phase Inverters
A phase inverter is also known to be called a variable frequency drive. They are used to control the speed of electric motors. Most phase inverters are very sensitive with their circuitry.

Phase Converters
Phase converters transform three phase power from a single phase power source. There are many types of phase converters like static, rotary, digital and CNC phase converters. .

What's the Difference between a Phase Converter and a Phase Inverter
Phase inverters can only run some 3-phase motors on single phase but do not power any other type of 3 phase load. A phase converter converts that single phase power into 3-phase power to run multiple equipment.

Why is Voltage Balance Important When Running Three Phase Equipment
If your voltage balance in slightly imbalanced you can more than likely expect damage to your three phase equipment.

Three Phase Power
Three phase power is the most desirable and common method of electric power. Most of the machinery today is designed with three phase power capabilities.

Benefits of Three Phase Equipment
This is the most reliable and least expensive equipment to purchase. Your equipment will run more efficient and will last for many years.

Benefits of a True Three Phase Rotary Phase Converter
A true three phase rotary phase converter will provide you with balanced power loads that will last you for years to come.

ACE Phase Converters
The leading manufacturer of a good quality phase converter. ACE Phase Converter has been in business for over 25 yrs offering a 10 year warranty on all of their phase converters.

Phase Converter Alternatives
Utility companies can provide you with three phase power but it will cost you dearly as they will have to completely change your power lines. You can re-locate to someplace that already provides three phase power.

Phase Inverters Phase Converters


Phase Inverters  Phase Converters

Welcome to Phase Inverters where we will review what a phase inverter is and show you the differences between a phase inverter and a phase converter.

We will discuss what a phase inverter is and if your goal is to convert 1 phase power to 3 phase why you will probably want to purchase a phase converter instead after learning about phase inverters. There are many reasons why a true generator phase converter is much better at converting single phase to 3 phase than attempting to use a phase inverter.

You will learn why voltage balance is important when running your three phase equipment in our discussions on phase inverters. If your voltage is at all imbalanced then you are more than likely going to run into problems when trying to run your three phase equipment with a phase inverter. It is important to know these facts or damage can occur to your equipment without the proper planning.

Discussions about three phase power will be readily available for your learning experience in phase inverters. You will learn that three phase power is the most widely used power source in the world today when generating power to your equipment.

We will address the benefits of three phase power equipment on this site so that you will become familiar with what you will need to power your three phase equipment. A list of different three phase power equipment will be given on phase inverters. We will also discuss the benefits of a true three phase rotary phase converter in which you will determine that is the best one to run your three phase power equipment more efficiently and cost effective.

In reading phase inverters you will read about ACE Phase Converters. They are one of the leading manufacturers in designing and building a great quality phase converter. They have been around for a long time in this industry and offer the highest of highest quality 10 year warranty on all of their phase converters.

Last but not least we will be discussing the different alternatives to phase converters.

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Pretty interesting reading and you will see the cost effectiveness of a phase converter.

We hope that you find Phase Inverters interesting reading and hope that you learn some of the differences and why you would want a phase converter rather than a phase inverter.

Phase Converters versus Phase Inverters

ACE Phase Converters are the best reliable phase converters. Custom-made products are also available.

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Phase Inverters

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